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Messiah Lutheran Church — Plano, TX

Messiah Lutheran Church — Plano, TX

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Messiah Lutheran Church has enjoyed a wonderful relationship with Church Organ Associates ever since we moved to our new church campus in Plano, Texas in 2004. At that time, they provided us with a two-manual Allen Organ, which is now leading worship in our Chapel.

“Eight years later, our new Sanctuary was ready for a new organ, and Church Organ Associates came to us with a beautiful organ design, consisting of  traditional windblown pipes by master organ builder, Robert Sipe, and cutting edge digital technology, encased in a regal façade. This four-manual organ is an integral part of our Lutheran liturgical services, supporting and inspiring our congregational singing and depth of worship. With its rolling platform, we have total flexibility as to how to position it in the balcony, which is a great asset. This majestic instrument is a joy to play. With the adjustable bench and music rack, and multiple memory settings, each organist can fit it to their needs.

“Our church appreciates the relationship that we have with Dale Johnson, Tom Branch and Larry McCain, who continue to be available any time there is a need. Their professionalism is exceptional.”

Dorothy Sherrod
Director of Music & Organist