Church Organ Associates
Christ Church Organist/Choirmaster, Glenda Bundick

Christ Church Episcopal — Temple, TX

Custom Three-manual Allen

Our Custom 3-manual Allen Organ has been a “dream come true” for Christ Episcopal Church. We worship in an historic 140 year-old downtown church that was completely restored and renovated in 2010. Even before we were displaced for the 13 months for the “R&R” on the historic building, the planning for the new organ had begun. Dale Johnson and Burton Tidwell met with me about “my wishes” for a new instrument. Christ Church had a 7-rank pipe organ that was woefully inadequate in the old space. It would not begin to fulfill the needs in our new and expanded space. The three of us sat in the historic church building and discussed ALL aspects pertaining to the use of a new instrument in Christ Church. The number one issue was to have an instrument that would be the leader in hymn singing. Christ Church is an Episcopal Church with traditional Anglican worship as set forth by The Book of Common Prayer and The Hymnal 1982. The singing of traditional hymnody and music for the liturgy is a mainstay at Christ Church. The organ also needed to be an accompanying instrument for choral works, instrumental and vocal soloists, and a recital instrument.

A custom stop list was designed for us and for “our organ.” Our historic building and its design, along with the acoustics of the space, were major factors in the planning. There is no other Allen Organ like it anywhere! I take great pride in telling church visitors that “our organ is one of a kind.” It was built and designed for us and our specific worship style and needs, and then with some of my personal taste as well. It is truly a magnificent instrument. Not too long after we resumed having worship in the restored church, a gentleman and his wife were visiting Christ Church from a large Episcopal church in Oklahoma City. He stopped me after the service was over to ask “Where are your pipes? I cannot see where they are placed in here.” I laughed and said “We hid them really well!” Then I confessed to him that there were no pipes for this organ. He was stunned and said “but it sounds like a pipe organ.”

Glenda Bundick
Organist/Choir Director, Christ Episcopal Church, Temple, Texas
Professor Emerita, University of Mary Hardin-Baylor, Belton, Texas