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Pre-Owned Allen Organs

Our selection of previously owned instruments changes frequently. Please feel free to call and discuss your needs with one of our consultants. Call for stop list and details.

Designed and built to the highest quality standards, the lifetime of an Allen organ often exceeds that of its original owner. Allen Certified pre-owned instruments feature extended Allen factory parts warranties and provide the sound, quality and value that place pre-owned Allen organs in such high demand. Learn more about Allen Organ’s Certified Pre-Owned Program.


A unique custom Allen Organ designed and voiced by famed organ builder Lawrence Phelps.

Custom 3-manual

Designed and voiced by Lawrence Phelps
16 audio channels
Wooden keys & drawknobs.
Oak console & bench.

Allen Organ 301-C.3

Allen Organ Model 301C

Card reader
Full capture
External audio
Contemporary console
Folding lid

Allen Organ ADC 2160

ADC 2160

Walnut Finish
Ten General Pistons
Six Divisional Pistons
Six General Toe Pistons
Set, Cancel
Memory A & B Levels
Expression :
Great-Pedal, Swell, Crescendo
Audio System: Two-channel (expandable to 5)
Standard bench with lift-lid storage area
Tone Card Reader
Lighted Acrylic Music Rack


Photo (Coming Soon)
Card reader
Full capture
External audio
Traditional console
Folding lid