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The pages of this website provide insight to the professionalism and passion of Church Organ Associates.  Attention to detail, uncompromising quality and elegant aesthetics characterize their work.  It is no wonder then that, in addition to numerous other awards mentioned here, COA has been the recipient of the most prestigious distinction that Allen confers, the Jerome Markowitz Award.  Named for the founder of Allen Organ Company, this award is presented annually to the one Allen dealer that best exemplifies the principles on which Mr. Markowitz founded the Company and that enabled Allen to ultimately become the world’s favorite organ builder. Those principles continue to guide and inspire Allen and Church Organ Associates today.

Barry Holben
Vice President, Sales

Jerome Markowitz Award 2012

Jerome Markowitz Award 1998

Allen Organ Amassador Award 40 Years of Service

Allen Organ Company Presidents Award 2012